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Unified by the mission to extend Christ’s healing ministry, Seventh-day Adventist hospitals bring hope and healing to communities throughout the United States by serving more than 15 million people each year. Through the hands and hearts of dedicated caregivers in nearly 100 hospitals and numerous outpatient clinics, physician offices, long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, lives are transformed. 

We invite you to learn more about this sacred calling. Explore the way cutting-edge medicine and a Christ-centered mission work together to bring whole-person care to those who are fractured physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Hope for the Hopeless

Tom Werner, AdventHealth CEO Emeritus, tells of a time he overheard a nurse prayer for, and minister to, a patient who said he didn’t want to go on living. She had no idea her CEO was listening nearby.

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Pastor Heart Transplant Story

A pastor with a history of heart issues collapses during his sermon, and it’s all caught on camera. Thanks to quick action from the congregation, a defibrillator and the exceptional care at AdventHealth Orlando, Pastor Mark receives a new heart and a new outlook on life.

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Lean on Me

Not knowing if he would survive his Covid experience, Charles shares his dramatic, yet victorious story of how his care team rallied around him with love and exceptional care to restore not only his body, but his spirit too. Charles was the first person with Covid admitted to AdventHealth North Pinellas.

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Stories of Care

Seventh-day Adventist health care seeks to extend the healing touch of Christ in a way that restores physical, mental and spiritual wholeness to lives in the communities within our reach. The gospel accounts of Christ’s ministry are filled with reports of those who left the divine encounter with joy in their hearts, renewed vigor in their steps and stories of gratitude and thanksgiving for heavenly love poured through a human vessel.

Christ is the source of healing waters. His love is a spring that will never run dry. These stories are evidence that each day brings new opportunities for caregivers to serve as conduits of grace and restoration.

Whole-person Care

Seventh-day Adventist hospitals across North America bring a whole person care approach to hope and healing to those suffering physically, mentally and spiritually. Because of the inextricable connection between the body, mind and spirit, the treatment of sickness, mental health and spiritual needs is essential to Christ-like care.

Join us in discovering how our leading-edge medicine and our commitment to spiritual support work together to bring whole-person care to the communities we serve.

Helping Refugee Communities

Mostly due to war in their countries, refugees have sought a new life in Kansas City. AdventHealth team member, Anna, tells her inspiring story about how her and AdventHealth Shawnee Mission have touched the refugee community through love and care.

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Tornado Relief

After a devastating tornado in Dayton, Ohio on May 27, 2019, a team from Kettering Health jumps into action to help those affected in the community.

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Impacting Communities

Following Christ’s example, Seventh-day Adventist health care in North America reaches far beyond our facility walls and diverse communities to touch hearts, heal lives and bring hope. 

Discover more about this mission through the stories of impact and healing.

High-tech Medicine

The latest innovations in care technology are critical to extending the healing ministry of Christ to our communities across the North American Division. From cutting-edge clinical research to the precision of robotics and state-of-the-art imaging, Adventist health care systems continue to invest in world-class technology as part of our commitment to providing comprehensive and excellent care. Our innovative care is recognized with elite accreditations and awards at hundreds of locations throughout the country for services including cardiac and cancer care, orthopedics, rehabilitation and more.

Mission Control Command Center

Described as a “game changer,” the Mission Control Command Center uses artificial intelligence to not only track what’s happening in hospitals in real-time, but also predict what will happen hours, and even days, away.

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Anatomage Table

Thanks to the high-tech Anatomage Table, students at AdventHealth University learn and apply human anatomy through a digital human cadaver, creating a simpler and more effective way of teaching.

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In 1866, a small group of Seventh-day Adventist church members opened a health care facility in Battle Creek, Michigan. Their unique approach to health was grounded in caring for the body, mind and spirit. This philosophy still serves as the foundation for our health care systems. Click the links below to watch short videos about the legacy of Adventist health care: